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  • What languages does this app support?
    Currently, this app supports English and Spanish. Subscribe to our mailing list for updates on future support.
  • How do I add a category or a button?
    Select "Create New Category" or "Add Button" in upper right ⋮ menu. Customize label, symbol, background color, etc.
  • After installation, the app is freezing. What should I do?"
    Be sure to update Google TTS to the latest version. Search for "Google TTS" within Google Play. Select "Update" if available. Also set the default Text-to-Speech output to "Google Text-to-Speech Engine". This can be accessed in Android Settings: Accessibility>Text-to-speech output. Note: Samsung devices typically utilize "Samsung TTS" by default. Be sure to follow instructions above to select Google TTS for the app to run properly.
  • How do I install Spanish and English voices on the app, and select male/female?"
    Within the I Can Communicate! app, select the ⚙ button on top of the screen. Select "Download Languages". Select either "English (United States)", "Spanish (United States", or "Spanish (Spain)". Select "Install Voice data". To choose between male and female voices, after selecting "Install Voice data", select "Voice Set 1" and choose one of the Female or Male voices. Select "OK" and select the back button several times until you go back to the main app screen.
  • Can users access both Spanish and English categories and buttons?
    I Can Communicate! can toggle between two separate pagesets that have categories/buttons in both Spanish and English. This is especially practical for someone who is bilingual, communicating in both Spanish and English. To switch to and from Spanish and English, select the people icon on the top right section of the main screen of the app. Select either English or one of the Spanish options. This will take you to the English or Spanish only sections.
  • How do I edit a button?
    Long press a button on the screen to activate editing mode for that button. Note: "Modification Lock" must be in "Unlocked" mode.
  • What is "Modification Lock"?"
    Available in the ⚙ menu, "Modification Lock" disables editing features of the app: creating/editing new buttons and categories. This feature may be useful for those that may accidently access different areas of the app.
  • What is "Quick Talk"?"
    Available in the ⚙ menu, "Quick Talk" mode is for those users who will only be accessing preprogrammed cells and not typing out messages. This could be appropriate for those that cannot spell and would use symbols to identify their messages.
  • How can I support further development of the app?
    Send feedback to You can also help further development by making a contribution at . Be sure to include "I Can Communicate!" in the comments field. Thank you!
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